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November 15, 2011



There you are your wonderful beautiful you.

Angela Loroux

Awww, thank you my lovely, dear and beautiful friend, Mo'a!!!! I love who you are as a human being and I am so grateful to have you as a friend! Much Love, Angela

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Published Work

  • A two page article titled "Dream Land of Angela Loroux" can be found in "Doll World Magazine" Moscow Russia, Issue 5 (20) 2008
  • "Within A Whisper" is featured on the cover of the final issue (18) of "Dolls United" Interactive Magazine DVD, 2007.
  • "Within A Whisper" can be seen in the "Fictional Forest Folk" section of the "Contemporary Doll Collector" August/September 2007 issue.
  • "Eden" is featured with Thomas S. Kuebler's work in the Dimensional Category for "Spectrum 11, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art" on the Free Land of Fantasy Website in France.
  • "Morrigan" gets mentioned in an Amazon Review: "Wired Weird" top 500 reviewer "Spectrum 12, The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art."
  • I was chosen as the number one Fairy Fantasy Doll Artist of February 2005 by Hannie Sarris of the Netherlands. (Fairy Fantasy Poppen Kunstenaars van Februari 2005!)
  • In February of 2005 my work received the Froudian Artist Award from Devon, England's Artists Brian and Wendy Froud!


  • The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists