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My imagination was well at work as far back as the tender age of two. Pixanne was an American children's television show about a pixie that went on adventures in an enchanted forest. She would go from the real world and invite you inside her magical world. I considered this a personal invitation and would go on magical journeys with Pixanne every morning and could not have been happier. As a grown person, I attended Manhattan Beauty School to specialize in FX Make-up. I was a Tri-State (PA, NJ, NY) award winning Display Artist for the second largest retail corporation in the United States and the resident Artist in a large Theatrical Costume shop where I made all things 3 dimensional: from hats to mascot costumes to props for productions throughout the United States and Canada. Fantasy Illustration, Children's Portraits & Photography work of mine can be found all over the world - from the United States and the Caribbean to private collections in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. A few years ago I decided to try my hand at sculpting and interestingly enough all of my jobs have come together in one Art form. I never thought I could find something that would encompass so many of my skills as sculpting. I have submitted my sculpture work into the world wide Spectrum 11 competition. I was very honored to be chosen for inclusion in the book, entitled Spectrum 11 Annual: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. The book was released in November of 2004 and can be purchased through, www.barnes&, or

In February of 2005 my work received the Froudian Artist Award from Devon, England's Artists Brian and Wendy Froud!

I was chosen as the number one Fairy Fantasy Doll Artist of February 2005. (Fairy Fantasy Poppen Kunstenaars van Februari 2005!) The website of Hannie Sarris is located in the Netherlands.

See my sculpture work "Eden" from the Spectrum 11 Annual: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art, featured on the Free Land of Fantasy website in France by going to

Great News! One of my sculptures was chosen for inclusion in Spectrum 12 Annual: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art! The book was released in November of 2005 and can be purchased from the following places:, www.barnes&, or

Update 2006: Amazon Review

The annual of fantasy art, April 16, 2006
Reviewer: wiredweird "wiredweird" (Earth, or somewhere nearby) - Top 500 Reviewer

As always, the annual Spectrum compiles hundreds of samples of the very best of 2004's fantasy art. The work is divided into categories that reflect the generally commercial origin of each work: ads, comics, books, etc. Every category displays a range of subjects and style. Lush realism predominates, including two of Royo's fantasy pinups. Other styles appear, too, including ink paintings by Vess and Kaluta, Justin Sweet's Rorshach-like watercolors and some raw, expressive work from the "Blood" comic.

Some of the most remarkable work appears in the sculptural (dimensional) category. That group includes a few pieces based on standard comic superheroes. Works by Davis and Northey are clever, and one by Loroux is clearly a work of great affection. A political piece by Ross, in the editorial grouping, displays chilling wit.

With roughly 250 artists represented, and multiple works by many, there's an exciting assortment of topics and approaches. Although I recognize only a few of the names, the quality and wit meet very high standards throughout. I recommend this to anyone that values fantasy images, as a spectator or as a creator.


ASFA Member :The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
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